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Questions to ask before appointing a Waterproofer:

  • Are you Applicators suitably trained & accredited by reputable organisations?
  • Are the Products you use backed by a reputable Australian based manufacturer?
  • Will you be around in say 5 years’ time to support any Warranty you may provide?
  • Are your workers employees or contractors?

Did you know:

  • The Waterproofing Industry is not regulated by the VBA or any industry body!
  • Waterproofing works typically represent around 3% of total building construction costs yet water related problems account for around 80% of defect values!
  • Your choice of Waterproofing Contractor could be the most important decision you make for you next project!

Bravada’s Waterproofing Applicators are all employees!

Unlike many of its competitors, Bravada’s Waterproofing Applicators are employees and not sub contractors!

This industry leading approach provides for:

  • Bravada to invest in the training & development of its waterproofing teams.
  • Reduced turnover of employees & the retention of acquired skillsets.
  • Improved quality & customer satisfaction outcomes.


Bravada proudly uses and recommends quality products supplied by the following manufacturers:

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